Hi, I'm Shelley Goldstein 

Remarkable Speaking Coach

I am a public speaker

Speakers are modern communicators, leaders, chairpersons, managers, supervisors, innovators, developers, salespersons, persuaders, storytellers; anyone who is drawn to really connect with people by talking and presenting, being willing to be seen and be vulnerable while telling stories.

Simply put, anyone who chooses to connect deeply with people to:

     1. speak authentically and courageously
     2. speak about things that matter and that matter to them

You know that choosing to become a better speaker and public speaker will dramatically help your career and business. You suspect it will possibly help your relationships and your life!

You’ve seen it over and over. The people who are good public speakers are seen as leaders. They seem to exude confidence and gravitas.

They get promoted. They get and grow business by speaking on podcasts, at events and in interviews.

If you’ve felt some wonder at how they do it, a want or need to be as good a speaker or better…  

If they can do it, so can you!

Why can I say that with confidence? I’ve been where you are!

I’ve walked the path from being anxious, scared, and shying away from chances to public speak; to being confident, vulnerable, assured, and deeply connecting public speakers.


I help people, like you, to unmask the great public speaker that lives inside. Within all of us. I help people to fully express themselves in all situations, effectively and honestly.

As a public speaking coach, this is what I care about.

I build better speakers through:
1. Utter commitment to experiential learning - the best way to learn speaking is by practicing speaking
2. Precise coaching feedback with empathy yet no BS
3. Online speaking games that are fun yet challenging

How can public speaking help my staff? We speak publicly all day long, the common misconception is that 'public' is reserved to the podium. Fact: communication is the core principal for team building, coaching and leadership.

According to HR consultants and behavioral specialists, research shows that understanding how to communicate is a necessity for any culturally healthy and prosperous organization. My coaching process opens the gateway to building trust, empathetic leadership and compassion when engaging in and out of the workplace.

Most public speaking trainings are so busy stressing stage presence, hand and arm gestures, moving out from behind the lectern, being musical and being expressive with your facial expressions that they’ve failed to realize that the most powerful option for a speaker is to be authentic.

You cannot connect deeply without being authentic, unlike so much of what we see in the world today. A world propelled by cynical, fear based manipulative presentations and speeches where the goal is to fool as many people as possible.

Make no mistake, that old way of speaking - performative, scripted and designed out the wazoo to manipulate the audience - still works.

No thanks.

That’s not who we are.

We don’t seek to manipulate. We seek real deep connection. Authentic.

We’re proud deep speakers.

Authentic speakers are driven by a higher purpose, a willingness to step by courageous step release their mask and armour, move into a leadership position, and risk being fully seen to share their truth.

Courageous storytellers.

English is your second language? I've had amazing results with hundreds of clients who had the same question! Being able to public speak well is not dependent on great English speaking skills!

My coaching is in a game environment. With others. It's all about the shared experience.

I train using improvised speaking. Like 99% of communication is!

Not freestyle rap.

Impromptu speaking.

It has proven to be the quickest most effective way to get you to become a confident public speaker. Plus, it's FUN!

Experiential learning requires intention, action and feedback.

Feedback from expert coaches. And maybe even more important, feedback from fellow coachees! 

If you're anything like I was, you have an established identity... "I'm not a good public speaker."

Hearing over and over how good that repetition was... starts to inexorably eat away at that ID. This little voice starts saying quietly, "I could get good at this!"

Then suddenly, "I am good at this."

Improvised, off-the-cuff speaking practice by playing games, in a simulator for public speaking, allows you to practice the core parts of good speaking, to get the reps in, get quick feedback and improve very quickly.

Turns out you don’t have to be an actor, or a performance artist. Nor completely calm, cool and collected to make great speeches.

I coach people who want to connect through speaking to others. Who want to learn to deal with energy, to listen, trust and understand each other.

Who care about human-to-human connection.


Fortunately there are people in the world who care enough to have the courage to be fully seen, to be authentic storytellers as opposed to being scripted performers.

As a public speaking coach, I serve the folks who are stepping forward into being leaders, who care about connecting deeply. Who care about leveling up, because it matters to them.

I've coached hundreds of people, from 40 countries and counting. There’s one thing I know deep in my bones. You can learn to be a good, even great public speaker, in just a few sessions.

All it takes is deliberate practice and skilled feedback on where to unlock next.

MY MISSION: I serve those who speak to connect, inform, and influence others. I help speakers cross the gap between sharing overly memorized, data driven, lifeless speeches into deep, meaningful speaking that they’re proud of, that impacts people and is fun.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. I am a Gold Tier Facilitator and join over 400 facilitators in over 150 countries as an ambassador of #IamRemarkable movement. 

If people that share an interest in what you care about are willing to listen and are entertained, moved and persuaded (you connect deeply with them), they will enjoy what you are saying.

A good public speaker knows that the audience isn’t there to just hear the words.

The audience is there to feel something. 

It doesn't matter if the audience is an interviewer, a prospect, a manager or CEO, or the whole company.

The audience will not feel your story, or your speech or conversation... if you don’t feel it.

The path to connection is vulnerability.

You Connect to what you’re saying First.

I work with you to learn to deal with your biggest block to revealing the great speaker you already are... Your Inner Critic.

Full Video of this talk at 99U is at  Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count

I'll help you to answer, quiet and even silence your critic through experience.

The one thing that is undeniable. Proof through practice and growth.

You will show up and speak really well, improving every class, over and over!

If this resonates with you, stick around.

Look around my blog and videos! See if what I have is for you. Reach out anytime.

If you are enrolled in the journey and care about connecting while you speak, I’m here to serve you. Welcome to the world of remarkable speakers.

As always, speak remarkably, Shelley.

Remarkable Speaking Coaching

Does This Sound Like You?

“I feel anxious and I get butterflies just before I have to speak.”

The best speakers experience energy, butterflies, and anxiety prior to speaking. It does not go away! Your body always prepares. I’ll show you how to utilize these sensations to add power to your speaking.

“I am not convinced that I can deal with pressure and use it to my advantage.”

The best speakers feel pressure and take every opportunity to practice. You’re speaking off-the-cuff in every conversation. All speeches are conversations. I provide a fun with pressure environment so you can learn to deal with pressure through experience.  

“I need to script my presentations, there’s too much data to wing it.”

The best speakers present in the moment with passion. 99% of your speaking is extemporaneous and scripting is another thing to remember yet speak with feeling.

I will show you how to give presentations without notes. Practicing speaking off-the-cuff increases your ability in all these areas. 

"I have to make a presentation soon, can you help me prepare?"

Yes. Although the more time I have, the better I can help you prepare. It would be difficult to play Wimbledon with 1 tennis lesson. Like an athlete, learning and advancing skills happens through repetition. The more repetitions, the more opportunities you have to advance and gain confidence.

“English is a second language and that makes it harder to speak.”

I’ve coached hundreds of people from over 40 countries. Native language has little if anything to do with how great a speaker you can be!

see what others have to say

You're in good company

You guys are amazing and your different approach to coaching is great! You really know what you're doing. You're niche are people that are pretty far along and have not exploded through, maybe they wrote a book recently and are trying to figure out how to crack to that next level. This is the only way to learn, your coaching technique is taking me exactly where I am meant to be!

Larry Kaul

CEO and Founder of Solopreneur Inc. 

This has been an amazing coaching experience where you both helped me find my strength and belief. I learned to stand up for myself and your coaching helped me change my life for good and played a very big part in that.

Shilpa Balasubramanya

Data Analyst

I had my pitch at Angoulême Comics Festival last week and it went surprisingly well!
Your coaching really helped me to shape the pitch better. 
Many people came to me after the pitch to congratulate me on it and I had a couple of meetings thanks to the pitch. 

Avi Heikkinen


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Most importantly... What if?

What if you let your fear of feeling pressure, feeling nervous, of blanking of revealing too much or making a mistake stop you? 

Full Video of this talk at 99U is at  Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count

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