The Secret of           "Un-Pitching"

Learn and practice confidently delivering a compelling story, that builds curiosity and excites your prospects so they want to know more.


Replace Your Pitch With Purpose

You’ve got 30 seconds to sell your brilliant idea. Don’t let your idea plummet with an over memorized sales pitch. Learn how to make real connections with your prospects so they ask questions and want to know more.

What we offer

Gain Confidence

Many folks join us to lessen their anxiety about elevator pitches. You will learn and practice presenting with confidence.

Remove Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety, fear and butterflies are natural, when it matters what you are saying. Get the tools to practice how to control, lessen and remove these!

Get Clear on Why

Getting your why story clear will allow you to connect authentically, and influence your audience.

Practice with Expert Feedback

Practice will unlock your  skill at pitching - we've seen it with over and over with 1000+ clients!

The Un-pitch 

We focus on:

Your Why Story

Brief and Clear 

To Get Interest

Unlock the purpose behind your pitch and clarify your vision and story. Your audience wants to connect emotionally to you and by far, the most effective way is by telling your story. Powerfully, and quickly! 

Our Product

About our team

We've successfully coached 93 folks on using the un-pitch to establish rapport, to build real connection and inspire interest. That includes B2B  sales teams, real estate folks, CEO's and entrepreneurs, recruiters and book publishers, authors and writers.

Avi Heikkinen


It Went Surprisingly well!

"I had my pitch at Angoulême Comics Festival last week and it went surprisingly well!
Your coaching really helped me to shape the pitch better. 
Many people came to me after the pitch to congratulate me on it and I had a couple of meetings thanks to the pitch. "

Here's What You'll Get

In 3 sessions, you will

  • Unlock your purpose behind your pitch. 
  • Clarify your vision.
  • Speak influence, authenticity and confidence
  • Connect with your prospects because people hate to be sold!

Express your passion and save the features and benefits for the callback.

What Makes Us Different?

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This section is not required, but it is common on Sales Pages for online courses, especially if they are highly priced.

Our Pricing Options

Un-Pitch Course


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What Are You Waiting For? 

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