Replace Your Pitch With Purpose

Why Your Elevator Pitches Plummet

It only took 30 seconds for Elisha Otis to sell his safety brake system. Otis held a live demonstration where he plummeted several floors in an elevator only to be saved by his invention. Everyone watching wanted to know more. Otis sold his brake system by example and hence the phrase was coined: The 30 Second Elevator Pitch.

You don’t have to risk your life selling your product or service; however, you can confidently deliver a compelling story, build curiosity and excite your prospects so they want to know more.

In 3 sessions, you will

  • Unlock your purpose behind your pitch. 
  • Clarify your vision.
  • Speak influence, authenticity and confidence
  • Connect with your prospects because people hate to be sold!

Express your passion and save the features and benefits for the callback.

You’ve got 30 seconds to sell your brilliant idea. Don’t let your idea plummet with an over memorized sales pitch. Learn how to make real connections with your prospects so they ask the questions and want to know more.

  • 3 - 1 Hour Sessions
  • Hot seat coaching transforming your pitch into persuasion
  • Learn the Remarkable Speaking 3-2-1 Grinder- a technique that can be used for any pitch, presentation or speech
  • Cohorts are 6 people led by 2 coaches
  • $250pp