State Of Being for Public Speaking

Public Speaking deals with epinephrine (adrenaline) and how to change your state in the moment.

The first time I was put on the spot in front of a large group, it was on a live YouTube live call, and I was asked to speak. There were 1100 plus people on this live call, and I remember thinking about that as they're introducing me and kind of building me up — on purpose raising the stakes. I can really, really feel the pressure.

That's where this magical thing of state changed everything. I was able to just...


Change my state of being.

Go in to a panoramic vision instead of just seeing ahead. Seeing everything all at once while I'm still looking ahead.

It calmed me so that I was able to use that energy, that adrenaline pumping in my being, because the stakes had been raised as power. I did a great job. The feedback I got was that I did a good job.

State of being probably determines performance more than anything else.

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