How To Self-Promote For Success

There's No Boasting About It

Have you ever gotten passed over for promotion or a job?

Did they respond, ‘we have chosen to move forward with a different candidate whose experience more closely matches our needs’?

If you’re looking to get promoted or hired based on merit and character, speaking up about the things you’ve done is your best way of achieving success. More than likely, self promotion is how the ‘different candidate’ got the offer.

Does it sound like boasting? Not when self-promotion shows confidence and competence. Talking about the things you’ve accomplished is actually good for success and good for your health and well-being.

In 3 sessions, you will

  • Learn to share your accomplishments without boasting about them
  • Find your voice so you can thrive on the job and in life
  • Stand out with your uniqueness and make a difference
  • Experience how self-promotion and promoting others is empowering!

Swagger is boasting but humility is admirable. Self-promoting your victories where you were remarkable, leaves a lasting and memorable impression.

Are you ready to accept the job offer as the candidate with the right experience?

  • 3 - 1 Hour Sessions
  • Hot seat coaching transforming your achievements into compelling conversations
  • Learn the Remarkable Speaking 3-2-1 Grinder - a technique that can be used for any pitch, presentation or speech
  • Cohorts are 6 people led by 2 coaches
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