Join Us: Free Public Speaking Training 

1st April 2022

12:00 PM PDT


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Note: This is an intensive experience! Only 6 spots available

What sets this event apart

We know that experiential learning is the heart of learning to speak well. So:

First; You will practice the mindset that will allow the naturally good speaker that you already are, to show up. 

Second; You will be practicing speaking immediately in a small supportive group, with world class speaking coaches. 

You're going to be playing games while drilling on the core elements of speaking, public speaking confidence and inducing flow. 

The research is clear. Learning something quickly takes both elements of play and focus. You will experience how to walk that fine balance point that makes learning to be confident under pressure -and- to speak well easy, with practice.

  • Deal With Pressure Effectively
  • Play Online Speaking Games
  • Get Expert Speaking Coaching

What you’ll Experience

Part 1

Often your fear of being seen and staying armoured up gets in the way of being vulnerable and speaking well. Let's change that. Learn and practice the mindset that allows your full ability to speak well to show up. 

Part 2

 Deliberate practice dials experiential learning up to its highest settings. Plus it's fun! Playing speaking games allows us to drill the essential elements necessary to be a good speaker, in all situations.

Part 3

All coaching and practicing is done in a supportive, caring and honest environment. You will be looked after and encouraged to grow. You will be able to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Part 4

Your coaches are experienced experts at providing laser focused feedback and effective guidance. You will experience how to effectively deal with the pressure of public speaking, over and over.

Part 5

The vast majority of speaking is on the fly; chance meetings, hard questions, sudden high stakes meetings. You will get a ton of speaking off-the-cuff practice, under pressure and both survive and thrive. 

Part 6

The counter-intuitive truth is that the baseline of speaking is silence. You will both experience and practice this. Being able to pause and breath during a speech is one of the, if not the most powerful skills to develop!

Your Coaches

Speaker and Coach

Shelley Goldstein

Speaker and Coach

Mark Bossert

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Join Us: Free Public Speaking Training 

You've wanted, even longed to improve your public speaking. Get started on your journey to being a good, confident public speaker.