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What you will get from Remarkable Speaking’s FREE coaching session?

Whether you want to be seen or are looking for a career boost, Shelley and Mark will show you THE most effective and fastest way to lessen anxiety, in the moment.

In this free 60 min session, we’ll lead you through a series of games and exercises so you can experience exactly what it takes to become a confident speaker, in all situations.

The skills you learn in this session are from our signature 6-session module that is designed for professionals, like yourself, who want to improve communications and speak persuasively and effectively without impacting your business day.

You get a private coaching session with 2 coaches, 2 different perspectives and double the progress!

Who is Remarkable Speaking?

We are international speaking coaches and founders of Remarkable Speaking, Shelley Goldstein and Mark Bossert. We have trained thousands of people in over 40 countries from just about every industry on how to become confident and compelling speakers.

Shelley struggled to memorize scripts making her incredibly nervous and tongue-tied when she had to present.

Mark was terrified to speak up because he was anxiety ridden and lost his confidence from sleepless nights.

We met in a public speaking course. The investment and experience mastering skills for nerves and anxiety became our inspiration in developing our signature transformational methodology to help others overcome their speaking fears in only 6 sessions and with 2 coaches!

We believe when you speak remarkably, you unlock your inner voice to be seen, speak with intention and make meaningful connections anywhere, anytime about anything.


With the skills I learned, I was able to crack Google and got a huge bump in my paycheck! Shelley and Mark’s coaching definitely played a role in this success. My confidence became 10x and I’m not exaggerating!

Rajya M

Engineering manager at google

Almost everyone has their cameras off during all-hands meetings but yesterday I turned mine on. The response to my presentation was surprising! So many people were asking questions, even after the meeting. That is when I knew I was communicating my points so much better.

Courtney H

Creative partnerships at tiktok

I spoke at my first industry panel event and I survived AND I got asked to participate in future panels! Shelley and Mark challenged me to think differently. Years of unlearning really helped me build confidence to speak up more often.

Bonnie W

internship program lead at oracle netsuit